The Thin Red Line Company
Specialty Packaging for Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Law Enforcement Applications

We offer superior quality products for professional applications. We have a complete in-stock program to supply your particular needs. Designing and producing custom flexible packaging is our specialty. And... we have been doing this for over 25 years.

Industries we supply packaging for include:

  • Reference Labs
  • Pharmacies
  • Blood Banks
  • Home Care Services
  • Hospitals
  • Micro-biology Labs
  • Veterinary
  • Animal Care
  • Clinics
  • Law Enforcement

Because of the specialty of some of these products, we currently ask that you call one of our specialists to identify the proper product for your particular needs.

Please call: 1-800-321-1223 or
Email: info@thethinredlineco.com

In-stock orders received by 3:00 PM MST ship same day


  • Secondary Containment Specimen Bags
  • UV/Light Protecting Bags
  • Color Tinted Reclosable Bags
  • Plain Zip Lock Bags, 2 and 4 MIL
  • White Block Zip Lock Bags
  • Paper Pharmacy Bags
  • Clear Polyethylene Pharmacy Bags
  • Patient Belongings Drawstring Bags
  • Body Bags and Specialty Kits
  • Autoclave Bags


  • Evidence Pouches - Polyester
  • Evidence Pouches - Breathable Paper
  • Evidence Pouches - Polyester/Paper
  • Evidence Pouches - Co-Extruded
  • Urine Collection Kits
  • Inmate property Bags


  • Red Line by Minigrip
  • A-Line by Bags of Bags
  • Labguard by Minigrip
  • Labline by Bags of Bags
  • Green Line by Minigrip
  • Tearzone by Minigrip
  • White Line by Minigrip
  • X-Treme Evidence Protection Pouches by Bags of Bags